Guy Santibáñez-H

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This study is to compare heart reactivity between normals and anxiety neurotic patients. Five male and five female patients with anxiety neurosis and four male and five female normal persons were submitted to classic delayed conditional reflexes with different probabilities of reinforcement (shock), to a defensive instrumental conditional reflex, and to a(More)
Resumen Al comparar las funciones psicofisiológicas que subtienden la adaptación en anima-les no humanos con las correspondientes del Homo sapiens se ha llegado a la conclu-sión que los procesos son análogos. Los animales no solo son capaces de comportar-se, sino de presentar fenómenos subjetivos y operar con conocimientos. Hay tres funciones llamadas "(More)
Normal cats were bilaterally vagotomized at cardiac level and submitted to a classical defensive conditioning using excitatory, inhibitory and differential stimuli. That group was compared with a normal one. Both groups showed an anticipatory bradycardia to the noxious excitatory stimulus and a late deceleration to the inhibitory stimuli. The experimental(More)
This study analyzes so-called hopeless gaggers, i.e., patients in whom dental treatment and wearing of a prosthesis produced a retching or vomiting reaction, in order to investigate the sources and properties of this pathologic reaction. In 35 patients, an anamnestic inquiry, a determination of the reflexogenic zone, a recording of the peripheral pattern of(More)
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