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The demand for Wafer Level Packages (WLP) has increased significantly due to its smaller package size and lower cost. However, board level reliability of WLP is still a major concern. This study investigates the board level temperature cycle reliability of three very different wafer level package configurations. Comprehensive studies are carried out through(More)
When magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJ) are built into a memory device they will be arranged in a matrix; therefore some of the not addressed elements will be exposed to a significant field during the switching of one element. It has to be avoided that the state of not selected MTJ is changed during this process. Here we present data on the stability of MTJ(More)
We will demonstrate that a large easy anisotropy axis can be induced in thin TbFeCo films by applying an external field during deposition. Such media are of significance to the longitudinal recording, for which the saturation magnetization M,, the coercivity H, and anisotropy constant Kin should be as large as possible. The inherent flexibility of the(More)
Magnetic tunneling junctions (MTJs) are fabricated using CoFe-Ru-CoFe artificial antiferromagnet (AAF) sandwiches as a hard-magnetic reference layer and plasma-oxidized aluminum as a tunnel barrier. Tailoring the magnetic properties of the artificial antiferromagnet reference layer allows an on-chip magnetization (initialization) of individual junctions,(More)
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