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Product design involves a multitude of actors who have complementary knowledge and responsibility about the product under development. Coupling together their views-points, particularly these of product designers and engineering designers in the upstream phases of the design, has the objectives to make the collaboration easier and to improve the product(More)
Our global objective is to understand designers’ activities and reasoning during periods of synchronous collaborative work in order to provide supporting methods and tools. In this paper we present a first step in this direction. As collaborative design in such a context involves computermediated synchronous human interactions, we based our study on a(More)
Quarante-cinq enfants, âgés de 6 mois à 8 ans ont été examinés en 5 ans pour inhalation de corps étrangers. Leur extraction sous anesthésie générale a nécessité 60 bronchoscopies dont 2 extractions en 2 temps et 13 examens de contrôle. Les extractions ont été réussies chez 44 enfants; un échec a été suivi d'extraction par trachéotomie. Les auteurs(More)
During collaborative innovation projects, interactions between actors and knowledge exchange among them have a crucial role to foster innovation. External knowledge can be integrated into the project through different practices. Thereby, to help companies to identify their best practices, it is necessary to find out where and how external knowledge is(More)
Concerning a congenital diaphragmatic hernia with abnormal systemic artery, the authors point out the classification of Pryce concerning pulmonary sequestrations and also the new classification proposed by M. Merlier and his collaborators. Their opinion is that in the case of sequestration of type I cutting and stitching of the artery must be carried out as(More)
The authors report 98 cases of cardiac arrhythmia observed in the course of 2,500 pediatric anesthesias performed with constant electrocardiographic monitoring. The patients, aged 0 to 18 years, were in most cases healthy. Anesthesia was performed by different techniques for both surgical and non-surgical interventions for a variety of conditions, both(More)
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