Guy Plantier

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This paper discusses a processing technique for LDV data, based on the use of two Kalman filters, enabling to detect the presence of particles and to infer their velocity. This method turns out to be suitable for the design of real-time integrated velocimeters. A first estimator, based on the use of a Kalman filter, deals with the amplitude of the Doppler(More)
In this paper, the problem of two-dimensional (2-D) frequency estimation of a complex sinusoid embedded in a white Gaussian additive noise is addressed. A new frequency estimator based on a least square plane fitting of the estimated autocorrelation phase of the signal is derived. This algorithm requires a 2-D phase unwrapping step which can be easily done.(More)
This paper considers the problem of estimating acoustic particle velocity and convection velocity in the air by means of Laser Doppler Velocity (LDV) measurement. Closed-form for the Cramér-Rao Bounds (CRB) on the estimates of the velocity parameters, for a sine wave excitation, are derived and simplified expressions are given. Moreover, a Maximum(More)
The aim of this paper is to estimate the directions of arrival of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays using an antenna array. Extensive air showers produced generate wideband transient signals which have to be detected and characterized by the use of wavelet packet (WP) transform. An adaptive energy detector is used as a criterion to choose the best basis of WP.(More)