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We present a proof-theoretic foundation for automated deduction in linear logic. At rst, we systematically study the permutability properties of the inference rules in this logical framework and exploit these to introduce an appropriate notion of forward and backward movement of an inference in a proof. Then we discuss the naturally-arising question of the(More)
Mammals owe part of their evolutionary success to the harmonious exchanges of information, energy and immunity between females and their offspring. This functional reciprocity is vital for the survival and normal development of infants, and for the inclusive fitness of parents. It is best seen in the intense exchanges taking place around the mother's(More)
Interaction Grammars (IGs) are a grammatical formalism which uses two fundamental concepts : underspecification and polarity [Per00, Per04]. These concepts apply to both syntax and semantics of natural languages but here, we only consider the syntactic level. In this context, underspecification essentially means underspecification of syntactic trees, and it(More)
In the context of lexicalized grammars, we propose general methods for lexical disambiguation based on polarization and abstraction of grammatical formalisms. Polarization makes their resource sensitivity explicit and abstraction aims at keeping essentially the mechanism of neutralization between polarities. Parsing with the simplified grammar in the(More)
Mammalian neonates depend on their mother's food supply and use a defined sequence of actions to find her mammary area. Their behavior is initially uncertain and demanding but rapidly becomes optimal. Efficient learning is thus operating in newborns. For instance, European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) pups localize the nipples through typical orocephalic(More)
Maurice Gross’ grammar lexicon contains an extremly rich and exhaustive information about the morphosyntactic and semantic properties of French syntactic functors (verbs, adjectives, nouns). Yet its use within natural language processing systems is still restricted. In this paper, we first argue that the information contained in the grammar lexicon is(More)