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Standard acquisition of MRI presents Rician statistical noise that degrades the performance of other steps of the image analysis. In this paper we present new ways to reduce the noise of brain images in the preprocessing stage. We propose a novel wavelet domain method for noise restoration based on discrete wavelet packets transform (WPT). The developed(More)
The value of comparative molecular modeling for elucidating structure-function relationships was demonstrated by analyzing six anti-nucleosome autoantibody variable fragments. Structural models were built using the automated procedure developed in the COMPOSER software, subsequently minimized with the AMBER force field, and validated according to several(More)
This year we present three papers on recent advances in paediatrics from the fields of neonatology, adolescent medicine and Duchenne muscular dystrophy. 1. Recent studies question the application of pure oxygen for neonatal reanimation and suggest that lower concentrations or even air may be more adequate for the reanimation of most newborns. 2. Bullying is(More)
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