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Understanding the behavior of marine mammals is quite limited by the observation technology used. Surface tracking using either geolocation or Argos satellite tags have shown that these mammals range much farther than previously thought. Relatively simple time/depth recorders (TDR’s) have shown dives to depths of over 1000 meters for durations of over one(More)
Cycloplectanum riouxi n. sp., described here, resembles Cycloplectanum amplidiscatum (Bravo-Hollis, 1954) Beverley-Burton & Suriano, 1981 and Cycloplectanum beverleyburtonae Oliver, 1984 in the shape of the sclerified cirrus bulb and resembles Cycloplectanum americanum (Price, 1937) Oliver, 1968 in the shape of the vaginal sclerifications. It differs from(More)
The fixation study of Diplectanum aequans (Wagener, 1857) Diesing, 1858, shows a pathogenic effect on the host gills, Dicentrarchus labrax (Linnaeus, 1758). This effect is revealed by an hyperplasia of the gills tissue around the haptor fixation and haemorrhages on the hooks insertion points. L'étude de la fixation de Diplectanum aequans (Wagener, 1857)(More)
The hypothesis of a positive correlation between host specificity and taxonomic diversification was tested in a family of fish ectoparasites, the Diplectanidae Bychowsky 1957 (Monogenea). A comparative analysis of correlation of species richness with host specificity was performed using an adapted independent contrasts method. In order to control for(More)
Three different phase-commutation thyristor bridges are applied to slip-power control of an induction motor. The performance of the drive is experimentally evaluated for each thyristor bridge with respect to input power factor, efficiency, total. input current, size of the dc-link inductor, and regulation. The best results are obtained with the(More)
The author points out the ovoviviparity in two species of Diplectanidae Bychowsky, 1957 (Monogenea, Monopisthocotylea, Dactylogyroidea):Diplectanum aequans (Wagener, 1857) Diesing, 1858 a gill parasite ofDicentrarchus labrax (Linnaeus, 1758) (Pisces, Serranidae) andDiplectanum sciaenae Van Beneden et Hesse, 1863 a gill parasite ofArgyrosomus regius (Asso,(More)
The study ofMicrocotyle labracis Van Beneden et Hesse, 1863 using the scanning electron microscope indicates the presence of a tegument invested with numerous microvilli which increase the body surface area. Presumed sensory endings are of uniciliated type. L'étude deMicrocotyle labracis Van Beneden et Hesse, 1863 au microscope électronique à balayage(More)