Guy Niederhäuser

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Rho-type GTPases control many cytoskeletal rearrangements, but their regulation remains poorly understood. Here, we show that in S. cerevisiae, activation of the CDK Cdc28-Cln2 at bud emergence triggers relocalization of Cdc24, the GEF for Cdc42, from the nucleus to the polarization site, where it is stably maintained by binding to the adaptor Bem1. Locally(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Gluco-incretin hormones increase the glucose competence of pancreatic beta-cells by incompletely characterized mechanisms. METHODS We searched for genes that were differentially expressed in islets from control and Glp1r-/-; Gipr-/- (dKO) mice, which show reduced glucose competence. Overexpression and knockdown studies; insulin secretion(More)
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