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The main goal of this doctoral research is to plan and to build statistic machine learning system for “traffic flow manage control” of urban area for a prediction of traffic flow problem. I also present a new algorithm for improving the accuracy of boosting algorithms for learning binary concepts, which will be used as statistics machine learning. This new(More)
Today, sensors and/or anomaly detection algorithms (ADAs) are used to collect data in a wide variety of applications(e.g. Cyber security systems, sensor networks, etc.). Today, every sensor or ADA in its applied system participates in the collection of data throughout the entire system. The data collected from all of the sensors or ADAs are then integrated(More)
IoT systems collect vast amounts of data which can be used in order to track and analyze the structure of future recorded data. However, due to limited computational power, bandwith, and storage capabilities, this data cannot be stored as is, but rather must be reduced in such a way so that the abilities to analyze future data, based on past data, will not(More)