Guy Josens

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The larvae of Issoria lathonia L. feed in natural conditions on several Viola spp., among which are the zinc-accumulating Viola calaminaria (Gingins) Lej. and the nonmetal-accumulating Viola tricolor L. To examine how I. lathonia caterpillars cope with the naturally high foliar zinc concentration of V. calaminaria, we compared the growth of caterpillars(More)
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Coelomic fluid of the Lumbricid Eisenia fetida contains a 42-kDa pattern recognition protein named coelomic cytolytic factor (CCF) that binds microbial cell wall components and triggers the activation of the prophenoloxidase cascade, an important invertebrate defense pathway. Here we report on the sequence characterization of CCF-like molecules of other(More)
Small lenticular soil mounds are scattered in several African savannahs. At Lamto, Côte d’Ivoire, most of these lenticular mounds house nests of Odontotermes aff. pauperans which have to date been thought to have built them. However, repeated observations made in 2000 and 2015 supply several arguments in favour of another hypothesis, namely that after a(More)
The diterpene composition of the defensive secretions of minor and major soldiers is described for four sympatricTrinervitermes from the Ivory Coast. The degree of intra- and interspecific similarity between the secretions is assessed and related to available information on soldier behavior. A significant chemical dimorphism is observed between minor and(More)
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