Guy Jacoby

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Phospholipid membranes could be considered a prime example of the ability of nature to produce complex yet ordered structures, by spontaneous and efficient self-assembly. Inspired by the unique properties and architecture of phospholipids, we designed simple amphiphilic decapeptides, intended to fold in the center of the peptide sequence, with a(More)
Extensive work has been invested in the design of bio-inspired peptide emulsifiers. Yet, none of the formulated surfactants were based on the utilization of the robust conformation and self-assembly tendencies presented by the hydrophobins, which exhibited highest surface activity among all known proteins. Here we show that a minimalist design scheme could(More)
The metastable-to-stable phase-transition is commonly observed in many fields of science, as an uncontrolled independent process, highly sensitive to microscopic fluctuations. In particular, self-assembled lipid suspensions exhibit phase-transitions, where the underlying driving mechanisms and dynamics are not well understood. Here we describe a study of(More)
Controlling the hierarchical process and capturing the intermediate stage underlying bio-inspired self-assembly are pivotal for understanding their aggregation mechanism and exploring possible applications. Here, the self-assembly of a designed minimal lipopeptide was characterized, showing it to initially self-assemble to narrow nanotwists, which then(More)
Prof. Eshel Ben Jacob (1952-2015) Alex Epstein (1953-2015) tigated economic models. Eshel quickly mastered each field he entered. He built an immense amount of know-how and always combed the available literature for interesting questions and radically new answers. In each of his many explorations, Eshel cooperated with colleagues the storm of excitement and(More)
Modulation of chiroptics, chiral phenomena of the optical properties, is pivotal in a variety of advanced applications, including chirality-specific biosensing and photonic switches. One of the most effective methods for achieving this control is assembly of the optical moieties into chiral nanostructures. Lipopeptide self-assemblies have been extensively(More)
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