Guy J Naylor

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A 2-year prophylactic trial was carried out in 31 bipolar manic-depressive subjects, comparing 300 mg/day methylene blue on a double-blind crossover basis with 15 mg/day. All patients were also maintained on lithium. Seventeen patients completed the 2-year trial. During the year the patients were treated with methylene blue at 300 mg/day, they were(More)
Emotional disturbance was assessed in a group of women in the first few days following childbirth and again 2 months and 1 year following childbirth; the clinical features are described. Variables such as social class, age and parity were not related to the level of emotional disturbance, but a history of marital problems, sexual difficulties, poor(More)
A double-blind cross-over trial of depot flupenthixol in recurrent manic depressive psychosis was carried out. All patients continued on lithium. Eleven patients completed the two-year trial. Flupenthixol appeared to have no prophylactic effect.
A group of bipolar manic depressive patients attending a routine lithium clinic were investigated. The results suggest that, when on treatment with lithium, manic depressive patients with a good prognosis tend to have a higher erythrocyte Na-K ATPase and higher plasma and erythrocyte lithium concentrations than those with a poor prognosis. There was no(More)
Of 47 depressed patients, 19 reported the symptom of unpleasant taste. This symptom appeared unrelated to previous drug treatment. Also, in this study, there was no significant association with prognosis, severity or type of depression, or with various historical factors. Despite this, it would seem to be an underreported symptom, worthy of further(More)
Two elderly patients suffering from manic-depressive psychosis/depressive reaction had concurrently hypercalcaemia from vitamin D intoxication. They developed hypernatraemia with severe potassium and water depletion. Hypercalcaemia was pronounced, but both patients recovered quickly and their depressive symptoms resolved following water and potassium(More)