Guy Houghton

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The clinical characteristics of sleeve fractures of the patella are described and the methods of treatment are reviewed. Attention is drawn to the fact that the diagnosis may be missed because the distal bony fragment may be so small as not to be detectable by radiography. This is important because a large fragment of articular cartilage also separates. The(More)
The results of a study of the use of autograft versus allograft bone in the surgery of idiopathic adolescent scoliosis are presented. Two groups of patients, matched for age, sex, level and angle of curve, received bone grafts, 20 patients having autogenous bone from the iliac crest and the other 20 having donor bone from a bone bank. Both groups had(More)
We report three cases of thoracic spine translocation without neurological deficit. In each case bilateral pedicular fractures, demonstrated by computed tomography, produced 'floating arches' which account for the sparing of the cord. If computed tomography demonstrates adequate canal dimensions, these patients may be treated conservatively, but the(More)
The present study assesses the biomechanical effectiveness of the Boston brace on a group of 14 patients with adolescent scoliosis. Interface pressure measurements were performed at the appropriate compression pads within the brace when it was first applied and on two further sessions within the 6-month period of brace treatment. A corresponding series of(More)
The shape of the back is an important factor in the clinical assessment of various spinal disorders, in particular scoliosis. A method of analysis of back surface shape is described which was designed to present most of the numerical parameters needed to assess the progress of the disease as it affects body shape. Measurements of back surface shape and(More)
The value of surface topographical measurements in the assessment of curve progression in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is demonstrated in a group of 51 patients. Cobb angles at the commencement of the study ranged from 10 degrees -55 degrees (mean 34.5 degrees), and the mean follow-up period was greater than 2 years. The surface shape method correctly(More)
A pilot survey in Tower Hamlets, London, indicated that many general practitioners (GPs) might not be recognizing abuse of elderly patients through lack of training. The survey was replicated on a large scale in Birmingham, to allow further analysis. 561 Birmingham GPs were mailed questionnaires and responses from 291 were analysed, providing data from 95%(More)
The modified Schollner costoplasty is a cosmetic procedure for the correction of rib prominence deformity in scoliosis. We present the results of the procedure in 21 patients who had previously undergone spinal fusion for scoliosis. We found the procedure to be well tolerated without major complications. Objective cosmetic improvement was achieved in all(More)
To investigate the periosteal contribution to the integrity of the growth plate, the authors subjected the proximal tibias of 110 male and female Sprague-Dawley rats between the ages of 25 and 65 days to axial and perpendicular forces to produce epiphysiolysis by use of a slow-loading technique and a cross-head speed of 10 mm per minute. Paired tibias of(More)