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BACKGROUND Left ventricular ejection fraction (EF) is a valuable prognostic index in patients with congestive heart failure (CHF). Although EF can be readily measured, many clinicians use roentgenographic heart size as a clue to differentiate systolic from diastolic dysfunction, even in the absence of solid supportive data. OBJECTIVE To test the(More)
OBJECTIVE Measure the effects of cervical extensor muscle isometric contraction on cervical surface electromyographic spectral shift and balance in healthy subjects. DESIGN Experimental within-subject design. BACKGROUND Postural instability can be induced by mechanically stimulating cervical muscle spindles. Postural changes are also observed in(More)
OBJECTIVE To perform three-dimensional (3-D) manual contact force measurements of chiropractic adjustments at the patient-chiropractor interface. METHODS A new hand/palm-held computerized 3-D force measuring system was used to collect 3-D force data at the doctor-patient interface (direct measurement) during cervical, thoracic, and sacroiliac adjustments(More)
Neck muscle fatigue has been shown to alter an individual's balance in a similar way to that reported in subjects suffering from neck pain or subjects that have suffered a neck injury. The main purpose of the present study was to quantify the effects of neck fatigue on neck muscle electromyography (EMG) activity, balance, perceived fatigue and perceived(More)
A control unit was designed to allow persons who have lost hand and arm function to control the speed, steering, reversal and on-off switching of an electric wheelchair by means of backward movement and rotation of the head. When possible, shoulder movement was used to control both reversal and on-off switching. Clinical evaluation in 10 patients with(More)
BACKGROUND Foam pads are increasingly used on force platforms during balance assessments in order to produce increased instability thereby permitting the measurement of enhanced posturographic parameters. A variety of foam pads providing different material properties have thus been used, although it is still unclear which characteristics produce the most(More)