Guy Edward Gallasch

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Most protocols contain parameters, such as the maximum number of retransmissions in an error recovery protocol. These parameters are instantiated with values that depend on the operating environment of the protocol. We would therefore like our formal specification or model of the system to include these parameters symbolically, where in general each(More)
Protocols may contain parameters that are chosen from a wide range. In some cases we would like our analysis results to apply to an arbitrary upper limit on a parameter value, such as the maximum number of retransmissions. In this case we have an infinite family of finite state systems. This makes their verification difficult. However, techniques and tools(More)
The apparent viscosity of blood strongly increases at low shear in rotational viscometers, this phenomenon is based on the reversible formation of red cell aggregates. The magnitude of this increase strongly depends on the hematocrit value, on plasma viscosity and lastly on the microrheological properties of the aggregates. The independent measurement of(More)
Das rheologische Verhalten von normalen und pathologischen Erythrocytenaggregaten in viskometrischer Strömung (künstliche Strömung in Platte-Kegel-Kammer) wird mittels direkter mikroskopischer Beobachtung (im „Rheoskop“), Viskometrie und Photometrie untersucht. Erhebliche Unterschiede finden sich bei dem mikrorheologischen Verhalten, während im(More)