Guy Duval-Valentin

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The transposase of IS911, a member of the IS3 family of bacterial insertion sequences, is composed of a catalytic domain located at its C-terminal end and a DNA binding domain located at its N-terminal end. Analysis of the transposases of over 60 members of the IS3 family revealed the presence of a helix-turn-helix (HTH) motif within the N-terminal region.(More)
We showed earlier that the region of the bla promoter of Tn3 protected by the RNA-polymerase (RNAP), has the normal size (about 60bp) at RNAP/promoter molar ratio r less than or equal to 2, but rises to about twice this extent as r increases. We confirm here that the species corresponding to normal and extended footprint distinguish by their electrophoretic(More)
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