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There has been a significant body of literature on species flock definition but not so much about practical means to appraise them. We here apply the five criteria of Eastman and McCune for detecting species flocks in four taxonomic components of the benthic fauna of the Antarctic shelf: teleost fishes, crinoids (feather stars), echinoids (sea urchins) and(More)
A map of the world with points wherever Ecopath models exist would be covered with such points, and Antarctica, which would have been an exception before, would be represented by the models in this report. In fact, there had been a model of Antarctica published earlier, by Astrid Jarre and others (Trophic flows in the benthic shelf community of the eastern(More)
A combination of morphological and molecular techniques was used to confirm the existence of a second species of the monotypic centrolophid genus Tubbia. Adults of the seamount rudderfish, T. stewarti sp. nov., which reaches about 56 cm SL, is mesopelagic at depths of 525-1438 m in the temperate waters of the Southern Hemisphere. It has a confirmed(More)
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