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In this paper we propose a general model of Model Mapping, one of the key features in MDA. We recall the fundamental relationships between system, model, and formalism. Then mapping of models described in the same formalism (direct) or in different formalisms (indirect) is discussed. As an example, a Constraint Checker (CC) is presented. This application(More)
The Object Management Group's model driven architecture defines a system development approach that formally separates system specification from platform implementations - in platform-independent models and platform-specific models, respectively. According to MDA, software development involves a sequence of model mappings that transform an initial PIM to a(More)
Modeling aims to represent a system in a given formalism. As representations based on high level modeling languages can be interpreted in many ways, constraints are introduced to restrict the field of the possible. On the other hand, language semantics is defined using constraints as well. Within the context of the UML, a classification is proposed to(More)
Version control plays an important role in software industries to manage changes and code development. It is also recognized as embedded parts in various software types such as Content Management Systems, Wikis and Word processors. The emergence of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Cloud computing stimulate the provision of online services via the Internet.(More)
osting by E Abstract We propose an intelligent and an efficient query processing approach for semantic mediation of information systems. We propose also a generic multi agent architecture that supports our approach. Our approach focuses on the exploitation of intelligent agents for query reformulation and the use of a new technology for the semantic(More)
Evaluation of automatic indexing is a common practice. Whenever new algorithms are created to generate semantic structures, it is necessary for their designers to demonstrate how better they are in the particular context for which they have been developed. However, the evaluation depends on the availability of a result of reference. Should such a reference(More)
Nos travaux s’insèrent dans un projet du réseau ARTCADHi visant à offrir aux chercheurs en Sciences Humaines des assistants à la construction du sens dans des bibliothèques numériques spécialisées. Dans ce cadre, limiter la description des documents à une indexation unique, fixe et effectuée par un tiers, revient à nier leur expertise. Porphyry propose(More)