Guy Caplat

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In this paper we propose a general model of Model Mapping, one of the key features in MDA. We recall the fundamental relationships between system, model, and formalism. Then mapping of models described in the same formalism (direct) or in different formalisms (indirect) is discussed. As an example, a Constraint Checker (CC) is presented. This application(More)
One of the key features in MDA is model mapping, i.e., transformation of models. The source and target models of a mapping could be expressed in the same formalism (endogenous mapping) or in two different formalisms (exogenous mapping). In this paper we give some general considerations about these two kinds of mapping and we argue that the MOF operations(More)
RESUME. Aider un utilisateur dans ses activités médiées par un environnement infor-matique pose des questions liées à la complexité potentielle du couplage utilisateur-environnement. Une combinatoire de situations imprévisibles rend toute tentative d'aide prescriptive très difficile et le terme faciliter sera préféré au terme assister. Ce sont les traces(More)
Version control plays an important role in software industries to manage changes and code development. It is also recognized as embedded parts in various software types such as Content Management Systems, Wikis and Word processors. The emergence of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Cloud computing stimulate the provision of online services via the Internet.(More)
We propose an intelligent and an efficient query processing approach for semantic mediation of information systems. We propose also a generic multi agent architecture that supports our approach. Our approach focuses on the exploitation of intelligent agents for query reformulation and the use of a new technology for the semantic representation. The(More)
Le système Porphyry s'appuie sur un nouveau modèle pour les bibliothèques numériques, dans lequel des experts peuvent exprimer et représenter des structures sémantiques reliant des documents. Notre contribution à ce travail consiste à y ajouter la possibilité de confronter les points de vue de ces experts, par le biais du système Platon, qui sera à terme(More)
Evaluation of automatic indexing is a common practice. Whenever new algorithms are created to generate semantic structures, it is necessary for their designers to demonstrate how better they are in the particular context for which they have been developed. However, the evaluation depends on the availability of a result of reference. Should such a reference(More)