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Cerebral venous thrombosis is a polymorphic clinical entity for which diagnosis has become more frequent with the advent of neuroradiology. The superior sagittal and transverse sinuses are frequently involved, whereas cavernous sinus thrombosis is much less frequent. Inherited resistance to the anticoagulant action of activated protein C (APC resistance),(More)
We report the case of a patient who suffered major trauma following a motorcycle accident that resulted in multiple fractures, bilatéral hemopneumothorax, pulmonary contusions, and an isthmic rupture of the aorta with a pseudoaneurysm compressing the descending aorta. This compression was responsible for distal hypotension and low flow, leading to acute(More)
With the recent advent of spiral or helical CT, the ability to acquire large volume of imaging has become possible. Fast scanning of both kidneys, the aorta and the renal vessels can be accomplished during one breathhold. Early reports of CT angiography in the evaluation of renal artery stenosis indicated a sensitivity of 92% utilizing the MIP projection(More)
Pituitary apoplexy (PA) occurring after surgery is a rare but life-threatening acute clinical situation following extensive haemorrhage or necrosis within a pituitary adenoma. Pituitary apoplexy has been reported to occur spontaneously in the majority of cases or in association with various inducing factors. One of the pathophysiological mechanism that has(More)
A 33-year-old woman presented transient ischemic attach (hemiparesis of the left arm and right amaurosis), 14 days after childbirth, due to dissection of the right carotid that occurred probably during delivery as suggested by right earache at that time. Carotid dissection during pregnancy or after childbirth is rare an exceptional during delivery.(More)
A patient with axillary venous thrombosis caused by lymph node compression and the presence of a displaced catheter in the vascular lumen is presented. In this case, percutaneous interventional radiological procedures (balloon angioplasty and snare loop method) in conjunction with medical treatment were effective in limiting the post-thrombotic syndrome and(More)
Primary amyloidosis may present as a pseudotumoral mass. Often associated with myeloma or paraproteinemia, it may also be isolated, without preexisting or associated disease. Isolated pseudotumoral bone involvement is rare and especially in the spine. Differential diagnosis is very important, because the prognosis of primary amyloidoma is excellent after(More)
PURPOSE 1) To determine the negative predictive value (VPN) of duplex scan in patients complaining of buttock or hip pain and thereby to distinguish vascular claudication from other musculoskeletal or neurological diseases. 2) To show its complementarity in doppler investigation of lower limb arteries. MATERIALS AND METHODS Prospective study by duplex(More)
The authors report a case of agenesis of the right lobe of the liver, only thirty two cases of which have been reported in the literature since 1870. The differential diagnosis consists of advanced cirrhosis, portal hypertension, neoplastic infiltration of the porta hepatis, gallstones or surgical resection. Agenesis is due to arrest of hepatic development(More)