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This article explores the applicability of numerical homogenization techniques for analyzing transport properties in real foam samples mostly open-cell, to understand long-wavelength acoustics of rigid-frame air-saturated porous media, on the basis of microstructural parameters. Experimental characterization of porosity and permeability of real foam samples(More)
Hysteretic damping is often modeled by means of linear viscoelastic approaches such as “nearly constant Attenuation (NCQ)” models. These models do not take into account nonlinear effects either on the stiffness or on the damping, which are well known features of soil dynamic behavior. The aim of this paper is to propose a mechanical model involving(More)
It is shown that three-dimensional periodic unit cells (3D PUC) representative of transport parameters involved in the description of long wavelength acoustic wave propagation and dissipation through real foam samples may also be used as a standpoint to estimate their macroscopic linear elastic properties. Application of the model yields quantitative(More)
This paper presents recent developments in the field of multi-scale acoustics of real porous media. The fundamental idea of the proposed approach is that it is possible to get insight into the microstructure of real porous media and how it collectively dictates their acoustical properties, from the three-dimensional implementation of micro-acoustics based(More)
Many data demonstrate that the regulation of the bending polarity of the "9+2" axoneme is supported by the curvature itself, making the internal constraints central in this process, adjusting either the physical characteristics of the machinery or the activity of the enzymes involved in different pathways. Among them, the very integrated Geometric Clutch(More)
This paper presents new bounds for heterogeneous plates which are similar to the well-known Hashin-Shtrikman bounds, but take into account plate boundary conditions. The Hashin-Shtrikman variational principle is used with a self-adjoint Greeen-operator with traction-free boundary conditions proposed by the authors. This variational formulation enables to(More)
This paper deals with the vibration of granular materials due to cyclic external excitation. It highlights the effect of the acceleration on the settlement speed and proves the existence of a relationship between settlement and loss of contacts in partially confined granular materials under vibration. The numerical simulations are carried out using the(More)
We present closed-form expressions of the effective conductivity of composites made of matrix and impenetrable polydispersed particles. The approach developed in a recent work has been generalized to treat periodic multiphase composite materials. Particular cases including orthorhombic arrangements of spherical or spheroidal inclusions and random(More)
In this paper, we present an estimation of the conductivity of composites constituted of identical spheres embedded in a host material. A family of polarization integral equations for the localization problem is constructed and the operator is then minimized to yield an optimal integral equation. As a result, the corresponding Neumann series converges with(More)