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A new programming paradigm is forming throughout the software industry. This paradigm is driven by the exploitation of networking technology and the need to be able to create more powerful capabilities more quickly. The diversity in languages, middleware, and platforms has prevented larger constructs from being formed and the shortage of qualified software(More)
Touch screens at electronic kiosk systems, pen based PDAs or smart phones, have become more popular over the recent years. The direct interaction on the display by fingers, hands or pens implies the problem of covering the screen. The coverage depends on the interface organization and the use of the interaction elements. This paper describes a basic(More)
The Service-Oriented Programming (SOP) model is the most exciting revolution in programming since Object Oriented Programming. Sun's Jini™ and Java technologies are key enablers for this new paradigm. Motorola has been refining the Service-Oriented Programming (SOP) model with its Openwings™ architecture. Together these technologies enable a new generation(More)
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