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The study of fluctuating asymmetry has been controversial because of conflicting results found in much of the primary literature. It has been suggested that the source of this conflict is the fact that the basis of fluctuating asymmetry is poorly understood and that, as a consequence, methodology of fluctuating asymmetry studies may be flawed. A new model(More)
Previous work on fluctuating asymmetry (FA) has highlighted its controversial relationship with environmental stress and genetic architecture. While size-based measures of FA have been assumed to have half-normal distributions within populations, studies of model developmental mechanisms have suggested other plausible distributions for FA. We investigated(More)
Microalgae have the potential to produce enough biofuels to meet the current US fuel demands. In order to achieve this potential, photobioreactors (PBRs) need to be developed that are efficient, scalable, and affordable. Models are an analytical tool that can be used to evaluate various PBRs. In this article, a dynamic model is developed for growing(More)
It is common for patients suspected of having a gynecologic malignancy to be referred for excretory urography as part of their preoperative staging evaluation. This study investigates the efficacy of this practice using prospective and experimental retrospective interpretations of 88 urograms obtained for this clinical indication. The results indicate that(More)
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