Guy André Boy

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This paper presents a cognitive function approach to decision-making. Traditional approaches are usually based on single-agent models that typically attempt to capture sequential information processing. They are limited to the account of cognitive functions such as observation, interpretation, planning and action execution. Multi-agent models enable the(More)
This paper presents an artificial intelligence approach to integrated human-machine intelligence in space systems. It discusses the motivations for Intelligent Assistant Systems in both nominal and abnormal situations. The problem of constructing procedures is shown to be a very critical issue. In particular, keeping procedural experience in both design(More)
In this paper, we discuss an effort to develop and evaluate a generic agent framework. A major goal of this work was to separate genetic agent characteristics from domain-specific characteristics. To test out our ideas, we implemented a demonstration prototype called KAoS (Knowledgeable Agent-oriented System) in SmaUtalk-80 on the Mac-intosh, extending the(More)
This storytelling course will bring, in meaningful terms, insightful concepts, methods and tools that are used in the air and space domains. HCI for complex engineered systems challenges conventional HCI solutions to propose new kinds of approaches that turn out to be very useful for solving HCI complex problems. Participants will design devices usable on(More)
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