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The Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA) has advanced the SURA Coastal Ocean Observing and Prediction (SCOOP) program as a multi-institution collaboration to design and prototype a modular, distributed system for real-time prediction and visualization of the coastal impacts from extreme atmospheric events, including hurricane inundation and(More)
The mission of XSEDE Campus Bridging Program is to improve access to national cyberinfrastructure and ease the transition of researchers from campus cyberinfrastructure to national resources. As described in the 2011 ACCI Task Force Report on Campus Bridging, the critical task for campus bridging is the seamless integration of cyberinfrastructure between(More)
Phoebus is a project whose goal is to allow legacy applications to utilize high bandwidth connections over Internet2's Hybrid Packet Optical Infrastructure (HOPI) backbone. Phoebus works by breaking a single end-to-end TCP connection into a series of transport layer connections. The end connections (from Internet2 edge nodes to the end hosts) still use TCP.(More)
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