Guy A. Bogaert

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OBJECTIVE To determine the pharmacodynamic properties of a new oral lyophilisate formulation of desmopressin (in single doses of 30, 60, 120, 240, 360 or 480 microg) in children with known primary nocturnal enuresis (PNE) and thus identify those dosages that could provide a duration of action corresponding to a typical length of night-time sleep in children(More)
Post-traumatic high-flow priapism in children is a very rare disorder. Treatment of high-flow priapism by catheterization and embolization in children has been described only four times in published reports. To our knowledge, our case report is the first in which embolization was superselective and thus could be performed bilaterally.
Since 1986, 205 patients, age 2–84 years, mean age 33 years, with scrotal pathology were examined by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). A 1.5-T Siemens Magnetom and specially designed external coils were used for obtaining T1- and T2-weighted images. Of these, 88 patients underwent MRI studies for suspicion of testicular cancer, and 117 for a variety of(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the efficacy of gastrocystoplasty in creating a large and compliant urinary reservoir. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-eight children (14 boys, 14 girls), with a median age of 9 years (range 4-17), were evaluated before and for a median of 2 years and 5 months after gastrocystoplasty. Evaluation included urodynamic and renal function(More)
BACKGROUND Respiratory infections are major causes of morbidity and mortality, but determinants of susceptibility are poorly defined. We studied whether and to what extent immunologic and genetic factors are associated with increased susceptibility to respiratory infections. METHODS We evaluated the prevalence of IgA, IgM, IgG, and IgG subclass(More)
CONTEXT Vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) is present in approximately 1% of children in North America and Europe and is associated with an increased risk of pyelonephritis and renal scarring. Despite its prevalence and potential morbidity, however, many aspects of VUR management are controversial. OBJECTIVE Review the evidence surrounding current controversies(More)
PURPOSE Endothelin-1 is known to be a potent vasoconstrictor. We investigated the effects and mechanisms of action of endothelin-1 and its receptors in regulating renal vascular tone in the fetal lamb. MATERIALS AND METHODS We observed the in vivo effects of endothelin-1, an endothelin-b receptor agonist (4-alanine-endothelin-1), endothelin-a receptor(More)
PURPOSE Analogous to interstitial cells of Cajal in the bowel, functional important networks of interstitial cells could have a role in the complex mechanism of central and peripheral control of urinary tract function. Recently various reports mentioned the presence of interstitial cells in different parts of the urinary tract and in different species.(More)
PURPOSE We studied apparently supranormal renal function in hydronephrotic kidneys, as measured by 99mtechnetium mercaptoacetyltriglycine renography. MATERIALS AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the clinical history, ultrasonography and renography of 29 children. RESULTS Of the 29 children 7 had greater than 50% relative function in the(More)