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The development of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) has provided a useful source for the mining of simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers. The hyacinth bean (Lablab purpureus L.) is one of the most ancient and important legume crops in the world, and is widely distributed in tropical and sub-tropical regions, but currently only limited molecular markers are(More)
Understanding the molecular mechanisms regulating pea seed developmental process is extremely important for pea breeding. In this study, we used high-throughput RNA-Seq and bioinformatics analyses to examine the changes in gene expression during seed development in vegetable pea and grain pea, and compare the gene expression profiles of these two pea types.(More)
Ascochyta blight, an infection caused by a complex of Ascochyta pinodes, Ascochyta pinodella, Ascochyta pisi, and/or Phoma koolunga, is a destructive disease in many field peas (Pisum sativum L.)-growing regions, and it causes significant losses in grain yield. To understand the composition of fungi associated with this disease in Zhejiang Province, China,(More)
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