Gustavo Villanova

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SR 49059, a new potent and selective orally active, nonpeptide vasopressin (AVP) antagonist has been characterized in several in vitro and in vivo models. SR 49059 showed high affinity for V1a receptors from rat liver (Ki = 1.6 +/- 0.2) and human platelets, adrenals, and myometrium (Ki ranging from 1.1 to 6.3 nM). The previously described nonpeptide V1(More)
BACKGROUND This multicentre, international phase II trial evaluated the efficacy and safety profile of a first-line combination of oral vinorelbine plus capecitabine for women with metastatic breast cancer (MBC). METHODS Patients with measurable, HER2-negative disease received, as a first line in metastatic setting, 3-weekly cycles of oral vinorelbine 80(More)
Erythromycin base was tested by brushing a solution onto the skin in various models of non-immune and immune inflammation produced in mouse ear, namely inflammations induced by croton oil and cantharidin, primary irritation by picryl chloride, and contact hypersensitivity reactions to oxazolone and picryl chloride. On the non-immune inflammations,(More)
Picryl chloride applied to the ears of Swiss mice induced a clearcut primary irritation inflammation (maximal after 3 to 6 hr) and after contact sensitization performed 7 days before a delayed hypersensitivity reaction. Oxazolone produced only a weak primary irritation reaction. After contact sensitization in the same conditions as above, oxazolone induced(More)
The action of several steroidal and non-steroidal antiinflammatory agents, immunosuppressives, and antirheumatics (levamisole, chloroquine, sodium aurothiopropanol sulphonate, D-penicillamine) was studied in two models of Arthus-passive reaction in the rat: paw oedema induced by an anti-ovalbumin serum, and pleurisy induced by an anti-bovine-albumin serum.(More)
The effect of SR 49059, a new potent non-peptide vasopressin (AVP) V1a receptor antagonist, was investigated on AVP-induced electrocardiogram modifications. A high intravenous dose of AVP (0.5 IU or 1.23 micrograms/animal) produced an important transient t-wave elevation (from 4.7 +/- 0.2 to 8.9 +/- 0.7 mm) and heart rate decrease (from 199 +/- 5 to 99 +/-(More)
The aim of this international phase II trial was to determine the efficacy and safety profile of weekly vinorelbine plus trastuzumab as first-line chemotherapy for women with HER 2-overexpressing metastatic breast cancer. Sixty-nine patients with tumours overexpressing HER 2 received vinorelbine: 30 mg m-2 week-1 and trastuzumab: 4 mg kg-1 on day 1 as a(More)
UNLABELLED Chemotherapy plus trastuzumab is the standard first-line treatment for Human Epidermal Receptor 2-positive (HER2-positive) metastatic breast cancer. The aim of this international phase II trial was to determine the efficacy and safety profile of an oral chemotherapy doublet, oral vinorelbine plus capecitabine, and trastuzumab in this setting. (More)
Cantharidin applied to the Swiss mouse ear induced a clearly observable inflammatory reaction after 6 hr, maximal after 24 hr, and persisting several days. Desonide and hydrocortisone strongly inhibited the acute (6 hr) and delayed (24 hr) phases after their local application, while, after oral treatment, a reduction in the acute edema was obtained only(More)