Gustavo Ulloa

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Bacterial biosynthesis of nanoparticles represents a green alternative for the production of nanostructures with novel properties. Recently, the importance of antioxidant molecules on the biosynthesis of semiconductor fluorescent nanoparticles (quantum dots, QDs) by mesophilic bacteria was reported. The objective of this work was the isolation of(More)
The use of bacterial cells to produce fluorescent semiconductor nanoparticles (quantum dots, QDs) represents a green alternative with promising economic potential. In the present work, we report for the first time the biosynthesis of CdS QDs by acidophilic bacteria of the Acidithiobacillus genus. CdS QDs were obtained by exposing A. ferrooxidans, A.(More)
In this paper we present the construction of prediction intervals for time series based on the sieve bootstrap technique, which does not require the distributional assumption of normality that most parametric techniques impose. The construction of prediction intervals in the presence of innovation outliers does not have distributional robustness, leading to(More)
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