Gustavo Torres

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Visual objects identification is a key cognitive process for intelligent virtual agents that evolve in virtual environments. This process allows the elaboration of intern representation of the environment for cognitive manipulation and posterior intelligent response production. There exists many architectures based on memory modules for visual elements(More)
Memory is an important process of human behavior. In particular visual memory encode, store, and retrieve acquired knowledge about the environment. The visual memory system involves different kinds of processes, such as sensory input and short-term visual memory. The model presents a first approach for visual memory recognition that supports the three(More)
Visual attention poses mechanisms for the selection of salient stimuli from visual scenes. The aim of this paper is to model the first phase of a three-phase mechanism of bottom-up visual attention. This phase considers feature-based saliency for attentional deployment. Feature-based saliency is computed by combining two saliences: the first saliency(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a software system, which is capable of simulating action potentials frequency produced by four different types of cutaneous mechanoreceptors. For the production of action potentials, the system uses a mathematical model based on studies on the fields of neurophysiology and neuroscience. This model was(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of the model of a synthetic vestibular system. The vestibular system in humans, along with other sensory and motor systems, is responsible for three cognitive functions that support mobility. First, it helps humans to maintain the balance of the body. Second, it allows humans to stabilize the head. Finally,(More)
Sustained attention is an important cognitive function for living organisms. This function allows them to stay focused on a task with a stable performance. This is the main reason that makes this function required by virtual creatures with realistic behaviours. This document presents a bio-inspired cognitive model for sustained attention which takes into(More)
This paper presents the simulation of a limb movement generated by a muscle contraction that is controlled by the activation of a pool of motor neurons. The muscle contraction is carried out by the transmission of action potentials that are produced in the lower motor neurons, which are located in the ventral horn of the spinal cord. The simulator has an(More)
The phase computation is used in many applications of signal and image processing such as edge, line, symmetry detection, image analysis and recently to show small motion or color changes. Eulerian video processing allows to show small color changes and motions invisibles to the naked eye. Eulerian motion magnification, was modify using the phase and the(More)