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Origin and parental genome characterization of the allotetraploid Stylosanthes scabra Vogel (Papilionoideae, Leguminosae), an important legume pasture crop.
Backgrounds and Aims The genus Stylosanthes includes nitrogen-fixing and drought-tolerant species of considerable economic importance for perennial pasture, green manure and land recovery.Expand
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Revendo as noções de periferia a partir do seu cinema
Through the analysis of discursive and aesthetic components of some of that documentary belong periphery film , this paper discuss to what extent this production contributes to propose otherExpand
Da confiança ao medo: viver nas grandes cidades em tempos de globalização
Doutorando em Ciencias da Comunicacao pela ECA/USP. Mestre em Comunicacao e Cultura pela ECO/UFRJ. Graduado em Comunicacao Social/Jornalismo pela UFPE. Organizador do IX Estudos de Cinema SocineExpand
Cultural policy, digital video and representation politics: Factors for the development of Brazilian cinema in periphery
We intend to discuss in this article the factors that allow the emergence of the Brazilian audiovisual production in the periphery. The idea defended here is three important points that allow theExpand
Os percursos da memória em Cidadão Kane
Taking as a starting point the testimonies of several characters, this study discusses how memory is architected in Citizen Kane (by Orson Welles, 1941). To do so, we assume the hypothesis that thisExpand
Moldenhawera congestiflora : a new species of Leguminosae from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
Moldenhawera is a small genus of Caesalpinioideae (Leguminosae), characterized by biramous (T-shaped) trichomes, compoundly pinnate stipules, hypanthium absence, clawed petals, dimorphic androecium,Expand
Two new genera and species of Linderniaceae (Lamiales) from inselbergs in northeastern Brazil: morphological and karyological evidence
During field studies of the inselbergs of northeastern Brazil, two potentially new species of were discovered. They share morphological characters with several genera of Linderniaceae (Lamiales) suchExpand
Reviewing the concepts of periphery through its cinema
This paper discuss how the production of the documentary film periphery, through the analysis of discursive and aesthetic components, contribute to propose other imaginary about the peripheral areas.Expand
Análise de medidas biométricas em jogos de realidade virtual
We use virtual reality in order to pass the sensation of immersion and reality to an individual in a real-time application. Expand
Processos constantes, resultados inacabados: comunicação e cultura no jogo das formações identitárias
Este trabalho quer investigar de que forma a cultura e os processos comunicacionais interferem na formacao de identidades culturais. Partimos do pressuposto de que as implicacoes relativas ao queExpand