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Photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a therapeutic modality for the treatment of tumors. This technique uses a visible light to activate a photosensitizer compounds, leading to a photo-oxidation process of biological tissue that can induce apoptosis or necrosis both in vivo and in vitro. However many of the cytotoxic effects remain an open question to be(More)
The weak D phenotype is the most common D variant, with a frequency of 0.2-1% in Caucasian individuals. There are several weak D types, with different frequencies in European countries, which may pose serologic problems and have the potential for alloimmunization. Samples from Portuguese individuals were tested for RhD by two or three distinct monoclonal(More)
Multi-cloud computing has been proposed as a way to reduce vendor dependence, comply with location regulations, and optimize reliability, performance and costs. Meanwhile, microservice architectures are becoming increasingly popular in cloud computing as they promote decomposing applications into small services that can be independently deployed and scaled,(More)
Feature modeling is widely used to capture and manage commonalities and variabilities in software product lines. Cardinality-based feature models are used when variability applies not only to the selection or exclusion of features but also to the number of times a feature can be included in a product. Feature cardinalities are usually considered to apply in(More)
The distribution of leucocyte subpopulations in platelet concentrates (PC) derived from pre-storage filtered platelet-rich plasma (PRP), the cell suspension obtained by reverse filter washing and the post-filtered PC, were monitored by immunophenotyping analysis using CD3, CD20 and CD33. Leucocyte activation analysis with the CD11b marker revealed that this(More)
Due to the number of cloud providers, as well as the extensive collection of services, cloud computing provides very flexible environments, where resources and services can be provisioned and released on demand. However, reconfiguration and adaptation mechanisms in cloud environments are very heterogeneous and often exhibit complex constraints. For example,(More)
Cobe Trima version 4 is an apheresis system designed for the collection of combinations of Red Blood Cells (RBC), Platelets (PLT) and plasma components from a single donor. The validation of this apheresis system for PLT components in our institution evidenced the LRS efficacy, as leucoreduction was attained on a 100% basis. However, there were some(More)
This paper describes the work that is being done at the University of Minho concerning the development of braided rods for concrete reinforcement. A preliminary research study has been conducted to understand the mechanical behaviour of braided fabrics. Various samples have been produced varying the type of fiber (glass, polyester and aramid), the type of(More)
The optical identification of bioaerosols in the atmosphere and its discrimination against combustion related particles is a major issue for real-time, field compatible instruments. In the present paper, we show that by embedding advanced pump-probe depletion spectroscopy schemes in a portable instrument, it is possible to discriminate amino acid containing(More)
Poly(epsilon-caprolactone) (PCL) nanocapsules have been used as a carrier system for the herbicide atrazine, which is commonly applied to maize. We demonstrated previously that these atrazine containing polymeric nanocapsules were 10-fold more effective in the control of mustard plants (a target species), as compared to a commercial atrazine formulation.(More)