Gustavo Serrano

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— In this paper, we present a robust and adaptable technique to integrate microfluidics with an on-chip thiolate-monolayer-protected gold nanoparticle coated chemiresistor-array for vapor analyte detection in a micro-scale gas chromatograph (µGC). The process involves mounting a sensing chip and capillary tubes within a silicon " extension carrier " (EC),(More)
—A monolithic chemiresistor (CR) array micro-system with microfluidic channel for micro gas chromatograph (μGC) is presented in this paper. A CMOS readout chip was designed for amplifying and conditioning the signal of a 4×2 MPN-coated CR array fabricated on the surface of the CMOS chip. A micro glass lid with input and output capillary tubes was developed(More)
  • Federico Luis, Leloir, Su, Dr Javier, N Lopez, De Casenave +51 others
  • 2016
Influencia de la estructura de la vegetación y del alimento sobre el uso del espacio por las aves granívoras del desierto del Monte central Tesis presentada para optar al título de Doctor de la Universidad de Buenos Aires en el área CIENCIAS BIOLÓGICAS Abstract Birds behaviour could be differently influenced by changes in food abundance and habitat(More)
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