Gustavo Sattolo Rolim

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the associations among salivary bacteria, oral emanations of volatile sulfur compounds, and academic-related chronic stress in healthy male subjects. MATERIALS AND METHODS Seventy-eight healthy male undergraduate dental students were classified as stressed or not by evaluation of burnout, a syndrome attributed to academic-related(More)
During paediatric dental treatment, non-collaboration and fearful reactions are frequently observed in the child client. The dentistry student must be prepared to cope with these reactions, particularly considering the importance of the relationship between dentists and patients in the promotion of oral health. The present study aimed to assess(More)
Communication barriers during the process of cancer diagnosis can adversely affect how patients understand their health, and understanding patient’s perceptions and expectations can favor adherence to professional recommendations and their prognosis. This study aimed to describe the sociodemographic characteristics, perceptions, expectations, and(More)
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