Gustavo Recio

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Computational intelligence competitions have recently gained a lot of interest. These contests motivate and encourage researchers to participate on them, and to apply their work areas to specific games. During the last two years, one of the most popular competitions held on Computational Intelligence in Games conferences is the Car Racing Competition. This(More)
The techniques and the technologies supporting automatic vehicle guidance are important issues. Automobile manufacturers view automatic driving as a very interesting product with motivating key features which allow improvement of the car safety, reduction in emission or fuel consumption or optimization of driver comfort during long journeys. Car racing is(More)
The video game industry is an emerging market which continues to expand. From its early beginning, developers have focused mainly on sound and graphical applications, paying less attention to developing game bots or other kinds of nonplayer characters (NPCs). However, recent advances in artificial intelligence offer the possibility of developing game bots(More)
A multidisciplinary design an optimization framework based on the use of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms, together with decision making and robustness strategies, was used to optimize the polymer extrusion process. This methodology was applied with the aim to select the best solutions from the Pareto set in a multi-objective environment. The(More)
This paper proposes the use of an optimization algorithm based on ant colonies for the development of competitive agents in the game environment in real time, specifically for the Ms. Pac-Man video game. Furthermore, a genetic algorithm is implemented to optimize the parameters of the artificial ants. The best agent obtained through experimentation will be(More)
The Software Project Scheduling (SPS) problem refers to the distribution of tasks during a software project lifetime. Software development involves managing human resources and a total budget in an optimal way for a successful project which, in turn, demonstrates the importance of the SPS problem for software companies. This paper proposes a novel(More)
Bankruptcy prediction is a vast area of finance and accounting whose importance lies in the relevance for creditors and investors in evaluating the likelihood of getting into bankrupt. As companies become complex, they develop sophisticated schemes to hide their real situation. In turn, making an estimation of the credit risks associated with counterparts(More)
This paper proposes the use of knee finding methods to solve cluster analysis problems from a multi-objective approach. The above proposal arises as a result of a bi-objective study of clustering problems where knee regions on the obtained Pareto-optimal fronts were observed. With increased noise in the data, these knee regions tend to get smother but still(More)