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Degeneration of septal neurons in Alzheimer's disease (AD) results in abnormal information processing at cortical circuits and consequent brain dysfunction. The septum modulates the activity of hippocampal and cortical circuits and is crucial to the initiation and occurrence of oscillatory activities such as the hippocampal theta rhythm. Previous studies(More)
Non-viral gene delivery vectors are emerging as a safer alternative to viral vectors. Among natural polymers, chitosan (Ch) is the most studied one, and low molecular weight Ch, specifically, presents a wide range of advantages for non-viral pDNA delivery. It is crucial to determine the best process for the formation of Low Molecular Weight Chitosan(More)
A formulation based on a synthetic aminolipid containing a double-tailed with two saturated alkyl chains along with a non-ionic surfactant polysorbate-80 has been used to form lipoplexes with an antisense oligonucleotide capable of inhibiting the expression of Renilla luciferase mRNA. The resultant lipoplexes were characterized in terms of morphology, Zeta(More)
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