Gustavo Pfeiffer

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This paper presents a texture projection and alignment method specifically tailored for objects with low geometric features. A common way to build virtual replicas is to acquire the geometry with a 3D scanner and model its reflectance properties (i.e. colors) by projecting photos onto the 3D surface. To correctly align each photo it is necessary to retrieve(More)
We present an inexpensive, practical, easy to set up and modestly precise system to generate computer mouse input in a similar fashion to a graphics tablet, using webcam, paper, pen and a desk lamp. None of the existing methods, to our knowledge, solves the task with all these qualities. Our method detects clicks using the pen shadow and computes the mouse(More)
This paper proposes a methodology to texture 3D objects with low geometric features from sequentially taken photos. These models pose a challenge to current approaches since they are mainly driven by geometric features—such as contours—that can be extracted from the photographs and uniquely matched with the 3D model. However, when dealing with certain types(More)
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