Gustavo P. Rehder

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Based on a CMOS slow-wave coplanar-waveguide transmission-line topology, a novel compact millimeter-wave phase shifter is presented. The tunability is accomplished by using a liquid crystal (LC) material as a tunable dielectric between the coplanar signal strip and the shielding plane of the slow-wave transmission line. The device tunability is considerably(More)
In this paper, a physical model of the slow-wave (SW) microstrip lines based on a metallic-nanowire-filled-membrane substrate is presented for the first time. The model properly predicts the behavior of the SW transmission lines as shown by the experimental results. Two sets of transmission lines differing in oxide thickness with various widths were(More)
In this paper, an innovative mm-wave technology platform is presented based on the metallic-nanowire-membrane (MnM). Here, the interposer with the most basic components are demonstrated: high performance TSVs and transmission lines showing a wide range of Zc. It was shown that it is possible to fabricate transmission lines with low and high characteristic(More)
In order to envision fault-tolerant SiPs and SoCs containing RF MEMS switches, this paper studies easily embedded low frequency tests for capacitive switches. The correlation between high frequency (S parameters) and low frequency (envelope of the high frequency signal) responses of a capacitive RF MEMS switch is analysed. This has been done by modeling(More)
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