Gustavo O Bonilla Rodriguez

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Protease production was carried out in solid state fermentation. The enzyme was purified through precipitation with ethanol at 72% followed by chromatographies in columns of Sephadex G75 and Sephacryl S100. It was purified 80-fold and exhibited recovery of total activity of 0.4%. SDS-PAGE analysis indicated an estimated molecular mass of 24.5 kDa and the(More)
We have previously studied the unfolding equilibrium of bacterioopsin in a single phase solvent, using Förster mechanism fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) as a probe, from tryptophan donors to a dansyl acceptor. We observed an apparent unfolding transition in bacterioopsin perturbed by increasing ethanol concentrations [Nannepaga et al. (2004)(More)
BACKGROUND Increasing demand for sweet potato in regions with temperate climates has triggered interest in the development of new cultivars. Breeding of this crop should consider sensory characteristics in order to meet consumers' expectations. This requires the application of simple and cost-effective methodologies that allow quality evaluation from a(More)
This article presents a non linear multifunction filter design; this design, with minor changes performs as a Media, Median Minimum or Maximum Filter. The analog design block system is based on an ideal macromodel, consisting of VCCS elements, resistances and diodes. The analysis, control variables and limitations are presented. Simulated results in SPICE(More)
Reliable and accurate testing methods are essential to guiding the polishing process during the figuring of optical telescope mirrors. With the natural advancement of technology, the procedures and instruments used to carry out this delicate task have consistently increased in sensitivity, but also in complexity and cost. Fortunately, throughout history,(More)
The physical theory of the Foucault test has been investigated to represent the complex amplitude and irradiance of the shadowgram in terms of the wavefront error; however, most of the studies have limited the treatment for the particular case of nearly diffraction-limited optical devices (i.e., aberrations smaller than the wavelength). In this paper we(More)
From the Bayesian regularization theory we derive a quadratic cost-function for integrating wave-front gradient fields. In the proposed cost-function, the term of conditional distribution uses a central-differences model to make the estimated function well consistent with the observed gradient field. As will be shown, the results obtained with the(More)
The objective of this work is to linearize and to validate by simulation a technologically competent model of in the presence of network effects. Starting with a nonlinear model, another model will be obtained in which Stability, Controllability and Observability will be studied. The obtained results are compared with those of a previous work [1] in order(More)
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