Gustavo Niz

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We study spherically symmetric solutions in a covariant massive gravity model, which is a candidate for a ghost-free nonlinear completion of the Fierz-Pauli theory. There is a branch of solutions that exhibits the Vainshtein mechanism, recovering general relativity below a Vainshtein radius given by (r(g)m(2))(1/3), where m is the graviton mass and r(g) is(More)
We consider a magnetic Bianchi I braneworld, embedded in between two SchwarzschildAdS spacetimes, boosted equal amounts in opposite directions and compare them to the analagous solution in four-dimensional General Relativity. The efficient dissipation of anisotropy on the brane is explicitly demonstrated, a process we dub braneworld isotropization. From the(More)
Black hole configurations offer insights on the non-linear aspects of gravitational theories, and can suggest testable predictions for modifications of General Relativity. In this work, we examine exact black hole configurations in vector-tensor theories, originally proposed to explain dark energy by breaking the Abelian symmetry with a non-minimal coupling(More)
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