Gustavo Maçães

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Today, the workflows that are involved in industrial assembly and production activities are becoming increasingly complex. To efficiently and safely perform these workflows is demanding on the workers, in particular when it comes to infrequent or repetitive tasks. This burden on the workers can be eased by introducing smart assistance systems. This article(More)
manuais virtuais ou simuladores porque normalmente estes ficheiros são extensos e implicam pós processamen-to por parte de um técnico. Nos últimos anos têm sido obtidos avanços significativos no campo da RA, tanto a nível de software como do hardware [Teichrieb07]. No campo do hardware, estão disponíveis novos HMDs com ecrãs e câmaras com alta resolução,(More)
The leather tanning process carries a high cultural value in Guimarães city. In some areas of Portugal, most of the society and its history are somehow interlaced with the history of the leather and all the associated processes of its production. There is a great lack of a “vivid” memory about the leather tanning process and its social(More)
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