Gustavo J Reati

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OBJECTIVES To determine the case distribution of accidental ophidism in the Córdoba province of Argentina, identify high risk areas, and evaluate the usefulness of the SIGEpi software program (Pan American Health Organization, Washington, DC, United States of America). METHODS Information regarding the 299 cases of accidental ophidism reported in Córdoba(More)
Tityus trivittatus is the Argentinean scorpion reported to cause the majority of human fatalities in the country, however no systematic studies have been conducted with the venom of this species. This communication describes a general biochemical and immunological characterization of the venom obtained from T. trivittatus scorpions collected in the city of(More)
Snake venoms can show biochemical and toxicological variability even in specimens from the same specie. The geographical localization of the snakes is one of the factors that can influence those variations. By these reasons the venom from specimens of Bothrops (Rhinocerophis) alternatus ("crucera", "yararágrande"), one of the snakes of highest medical(More)
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