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Results are presented from four non-prestressed concrete slabcolumn connection subassemblies tested under simulated gravity and earthquake-type loading. Each specimen consisted of a largescale first-story interior slab-column connection reinforced with headed shear studs, loaded to a gravity-shear ratio of 50%, and subjected to biaxial lateral(More)
INTRODUCTION Bariatric surgery has important metabolic complications such as bone mass loss. GOAL To assess bone mineral density (BMD) after Roux-en-Y gastric by-pass (RYGB) in patients under standard calcium and vitamin D supplementation. METHOD In patients with morbid obesity submitted to RYGB, 76 women and 22 men of diverse age, all with standard(More)
Sarcomatoid squamous carcinoma (ESC) is a rare esophageal neoplasm, with a clinical, etiological and pathological behavior that differs from squamous cancer. From the histological point of view it has a dual configuration. The squamous epithelial component is usually limited to small areas, while the major part is constituted by mesenchymatous (sarcomatoid)(More)
A high-directivity microstrip array using multilevel elements based on a fractal geometry is theoretically compared with one using circular patches. Within the same electrical area, the same directivity can be obtained. However, the number of elements for the fractal-based array is 2.84 times less, reducing the complexity of the feeding network and overall(More)
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