Gustavo J. Crespo

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Carrageenan-induced paw edema has been described as a local and acute inflammatory process. In fact, little is known about the time course and systemic changes following a carrageenan injection. In this study, we examine the systemic changes that follow carrageenan injection in the paw. Acute inflammation was produced by subplantar injection of carrageenan(More)
We describe a procedure for reconstructing documents that have been shredded by hand, a problem that often arises in forensics. The proposed method first applies a polygonal approximation in order to reduce the complexity of the boundaries and then extracts relevant features of the polygon to carry out the local reconstruction. In this way the overall(More)
Thrombin is essential for blood coagulation but functions also as a mediator of cellular signalling. Gene expression microarray experiments in human monocytes revealed thrombin-induced upregulation of a limited subset of genes, which are almost exclusively involved in inflammation and wound healing. Among these, the expression of F3 gene encoding for tissue(More)
We present a new method for computing the dimensions of boxes from single perspective projection images in real time. Given a picture of a box, acquired with a camera whose intrinsic parameters are known, the dimensions of the box are computed from the extracted box silhouette and the projection of two parallel laser beams on one of its visible faces. We(More)
This paper describes an accurate method for computing the dimensions of boxes directly from perspective projection images acquired by conventional cameras. The approach is based on projective geometry and computes the box dimensions using data extracted from the box silhouette and from the projection of two parallel laser beams on one of the imaged faces of(More)
of the Report Computing Box Volume from Images: An Implementation Gustavo Jose Crespo Master of Science In Computer Science State University of New York At Stony Brook 2002 The calculation of volume has become an intrinsic part of the day to day business of several industries in the United States and abroad. In this report, we present a method for the(More)
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