Gustavo Henrique Peixoto

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This study evaluated double blind ingestions of placebo (PLA) versus 6% carbohydrate (CHO) either as capsules (c) or beverage (b) during 60 km self-paced cycling in the heat (32°C and 50% relative humidity). Ten well-trained males (mean ± SD: 26±3 years; 64.5±7.7 kg and 70.7±8.8 maximal oxygen consumption) completed four separate 60 km time(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to investigate the behavior of the force applied during the Maitland grade III anteroposterior joint mobilization of the talus and its effect on dorsiflexion range of motion (ROM). METHODS Two examiners performed measurements of dorsiflexion ROM on both ankles of healthy volunteers using a universal goniometer. The(More)
Background: To analyze the effects of transitory, high intra-abdominal pressure on clinical, hemodynamic, blood gas and metabolic parameters. Methods: Sixty-seven laparoscopic patients were divided into groups P12 (n = 30, maximum intraabdominal pressure of 12 mmHg) and P20 (n = 37, maximum intra-abdominal pressure of 20 mmHg). Through radial artery(More)
BACKGROUND Stretching exercises are able to promote adaptations in the muscle-tendon unit (MTU), which can be tested through physiological and biomechanical variables. Identifying the key variables in MTU adaptations is crucial to improvements in training. OBJECTIVE To perform an exploratory factor analysis (EFA) involving the variables often used to(More)
INTRODUCTION We investigated the viscoelastic stress relaxation response before and after a 10-week hamstrings static stretch program. METHODS The maximal range of motion (ROMmax ) and maximal torque (Torquemax ) were assessed before and after a 10-week stretching program. Six 30-s static stretches at a predetermined torque were performed, and the(More)
Space creation dynamics (SCDs) describe actions players perform to create a scoring opportunity. This study compared SCDs and types of offense during three different three versus three (3vs.3) basketball small-sided games (SSGs) played in half court: 3vs.3 with man-to-man defense in half playing area (3vs.3HALF), 3vs.3 with man-to-man defense in full(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of protocols equalized by the repetition duration but composed of different concentric and eccentric durations on muscle activation and neuromuscular fatigue. Seventeen males with previous experience in resistance training performed 3 training protocols (A - 2s con : 4s ecc; B - 3s con : 3s ecc; and C - 4s(More)
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