Gustavo Gutierrez

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Germ-line mutations in the TP53 gene are rare, but predispose women to a range of cancer types, including early-onset breast cancer. Breast cancers in women from families with the Li-Fraumeni syndrome often occur before age 30. The prevalence of deleterious TP53 mutations in unselected women with early-onset breast cancer is not precisely known. If(More)
Methods of predicting temperature profiles during local hyperthermia treatment are very important to avoid damage to healthy tissue. With this aim, fundamental solutions of Pennes' bioheat equation are derived in rectangular, cylindrical, and spherical coordinates. The medium is idealised as isotropic with effective thermal properties. Temperature(More)
Foamy viruses (FV) are complex retroviruses that naturally infect all nonhuman primates (NHP) studied to date. Zoonotic transmission of Old World NHP simian foamy viruses (SFV) has been documented, leading to nonpathogenic persistent infections. To date, there have been no reports concerning zoonotic transmission of New World monkey (NWM) SFV to humans and(More)
INTRODUCTION We sought to determine the effects of brief exposures to low concentrations of tobacco secondhand smoke (SHS) on arterial flow-mediated dilation (FMD, a nitric oxide-dependent measure of vascular endothelial function), in a controlled animal model never before exposed to smoke. In humans, SHS exposure for 30 min impairs FMD. It is important to(More)
Hoffmann’s two-toed sloth (Choloepus hoffmanni) is an arboreal mammal found throughout the Neotropics. Due to its limited dispersal power and reliance on forested habitats, C. hoffmanni could serve as a model species for understanding the response of mammals to land cover change. To better understand sloth life history and their response to tropical forest(More)
Permethrin-impregnated and untreated fabrics were evaluated for their toxic and repellent effects against Anopheles stephensi and Aedes aegypti after both types of fabrics were subjected to accelerated weathering for 9 weeks, under a simulated wet/tropical environment. The toxic (knockdown) effect of permethrin-impregnated fabrics against both species of(More)
Two different methods of treating cotton and nylon-cotton fabrics with permethrin were evaluated for protection from mosquito bites after laboratory weathering. Cotton fabric treated by the individual dynamic absorption method provided consistently better protection than cotton fabric treated by the aerosol method. The nylon-cotton fabric provided similar(More)
Wireless sensor networks are designed for a very wide, yet specific, purpose. Their components have processing and power limitations. Due to these limitations, decisions by running complex algorithms with the information collected by sensors must be done in components external to the WSN. This document presents a combination of WSN and p2p networks to ease(More)
The problem of reconfiguring power distribution system to reduce power losses has been extensively studied because of its significant economic impact. A variety of approximation computational models have recently been proposed. We describe a constraint programming model for this problem, using the MOzArt system. To handle real world reconfiguration systems(More)