Gustavo Fricke

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The WT1 gene is normally expressed during gonadal development and specific mutations in heterozygous form cause Drash syndrome, characterized by male pseudohermaphroditism and gonadal dysgenesis, renal failure and a predisposition for Wilms' tumour. These observations prompted us to test whether WT1 mutations are involved in isolated gonadal dysgenesis,(More)
It is well known that the incidence of mitral valve prolapse is increased in various hereditary and humoral disorders, particularly in diseases with abnormal collagene structure and metabolism. We consecutively investigated, both clinically and echocardiographically, 22 patients with Klinefelter's syndrome (Mean age: 35 +/- 15.8 years). On clinical(More)
The pharmacokinetics of a 25:1 combination of ticarcillin and clavulanate were studied in nine pre-term and seven full-term neonates. Pre-term neonates with a gestational age ranging from 30 to 36 weeks received 83.3 mg of ticarcillin and 3.3 mg of clavulanate per kg bw and full-term neonates with a gestational age from 39 to 43 weeks received 100 mg of(More)
Regional blood flow was measured in 47 patients with obstructive lung disease, using iso-intensity zone scanning after injection of 131I macro-aggregates in the supine (27 subjects) or sitting (20 subjects) position. In most of the patients there was a shift of pulmonary blood flow to the upper lung fields. The shift was related to pulmonary artery pressure(More)