Gustavo E Guajardo-Salinas

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UNLABELLED We assessed the anti-fibrotic effects of methanolic black bean extract antioxidants in a carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) liver injury model in rats. Experimentally intoxicated animals received CCl4 for eight weeks, the reference and test groups received daily intragastric quercetin or daily intragastric black bean extract. Liver fibrosis was assessed(More)
Extraction of phenolic compounds from bean seed coats by acetic acid was evaluated and compared to conventional extraction with 80% methanol. Total phenols, flavonoids and free radical scavenging capacity were determined by colorimetric methods. Furthermore, qualitative flavonoid characterization was performed via HPLC diode array. The acetic acid extract(More)
We developed a study using low dose radioactive iodine creating an animal model of transient elevation of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). Male derived bone marrow cells were transplanted to asses their effect on thyroid function and their capability to repair the thyroid parenchyma. At 40 an 80 days after I131 treatment, the study groups TSH and T4 serum(More)
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