Gustavo Campos

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Zingiberene, a sesquiterpene present in glandular trichomes of Lycopersicon hirsutum Dunal var. hirsutum ‘PI-127826’, is responsible for the high level of arthropod resistance in this taxon. The current paper has the following objectives: (a) to quantify zingiberene content in tomato plants obtained from the interspecific cross L. esculentum Mill. × L.(More)
The effects of prolonged intravenous infusions of cholic acid into fetal lambs are described in this study. The ewes (n = 10, 11 fetuses) were operated on at 114 days of gestation (term = 150 days) by placing plastic catheters in maternal and fetal vessels and in the amniotic cavity. Gestational ages were confirmed after delivery by radiographic examination(More)
To determine the existence of any change in the blood flow velocity indexes in patients with cholestasis of pregnancy, we studied a total of 51 pregnant women, (normal n = 15; anicteric cholestasis n = 21 and icteric cholestasis n = 15). There was no significant change in the parity, maternal age, gestational age, birth weight and in the apgar score among(More)
The efficacy of misoprostol (a PGE1 analog) for induction of labor at term was compared with oxytocin by means of an open and randomized study in 153 pregnant women. A vaginal tablet containing 50 mcg of misoprostol was placed intravaginally in 78 women, the remaining 75 patients received i.v. oxytocin (2-32 mU/min). Bishop's score at the entry of the trial(More)
The collagen content of amniotic membranes was measured in samples obtained at delivery from patients with and without premature rupture of the membranes (PROM). In samples from patients with PROM the collagen content (343 microgram/mg) was significantly lower than in samples from patients without PROM (373 microgram/mg) (P less than .005). The collagen(More)
We studied the relationship of certain fetal and maternal hormones to indicators of lung maturation in 12 fetal lambs delivered at gestational ages (GA) of 123-149 days. Maternal estrogen, maternal progesterone, and fetal prolactin did not correlate with GA or the indicators of fetal lung maturation. Fetal cortisol (range 4-165 ng X ml-1) increased with(More)
Prematurity and fetal death are common complications in patients with cholestasis of pregnancy. Both conditions appear to be associated with abnormal patterns of uterine activity. We studied the oxytocin-induced contractile activity in uterine strips taken from patients with cholestasis of pregnancy (n = 6) and from women with normal pregnancy (n = 6).(More)
To study their effects on tracheal fluid (TF) production and surfactant flux, we gave 12-h infusions of prostaglandin synthetase inhibitors (PGSI) on 16 occasions to 10 fetal lambs at gestational ages (GA) of 125--141 days. Results were similar with both sodium meclofenamate (13.9 +/- 3.4, 12 studies) and indomethacin (33.6 +/- 8.0, 4(More)
Pulmonary maturation in six ovine fetuses hypophysectomised by a cryosurgical method at 0.7-0.8 of pregnancy and delivered by hysterotomy at 152.2 +/- 2.9 (SD) days was compared with that in seven control fetuses delivered at 144.5 +/- 3.5 days. Both the wet and the dry weight of the lungs was less in the hypophysectomised fetuses but total DNA did not(More)