Gustavo Bittencourt Figueiredo

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The combination of service-orientation and software product line engineering, called Service-Oriented Product Line Engineering (SOPLE) have received attention by researchers and practitioners in the last years, and these areas can address issues of each other. One service-orientation issue is service identification. It consists of determining candidate(More)
This paper presents a mechanism for the dynamic sizing of Label Switched Paths (LSPs) in MPLS networks based on the mean queue size at the ingress router of the LSP. Upon exceeding the established thresholds, the mechanism is triggered and the LSP is resized after a signaling delay. Results indicate that the lower the threshold is the faster the LSP recover(More)
Wireless mesh networks have been presented as a robust, scalable and low cost solution to provide connectivity in long distance areas. However, given its nature, routing strategies must support seamless mobility of nodes while enabling operation with a good performance and fast self-recovery from links fault. The routing approaches that meet these(More)
The Web of Things (WoT) is a new trend related to the Internet that have yet to scale to mass usage. Consumer and in-vehicle contexts can promote WoT to mass usage. For these contexts, ad-hoc operation and complexity abstraction is very important. This paper suggests the creation of an ad-hoc service bus for the WoT. The solution uses Bonjour and Link-Local(More)
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