Gustavo Benvenutti Borba

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BACKGROUND The results of an in vivo study on the "ratio method" used in electronic foramen locators (EFL) are presented. EFLs are becoming widely used in the determination of the working length (WL) during the root canal treatment. The WL is the distance from a coronal reference point to the point at which canal preparation and filling should terminate.(More)
Infrared images are very useful for providing physiological information, although the representation is two-dimensional. On the other hand, a 3D scanning system is able to generate precise 3D spatial models of the area under study. This paper presents a methodology for combining both imaging modalities into a single representation. The Structure from Motion(More)
— In a supermarket checkout, employees deal with a great number of different fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, the correct pricing of those items is a difficult task, due to the short available time or even inexperience. In this paper we present a complete method for the automatic classification of fruits, extendable for vegetables. We use patches extracted(More)
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